At MDD Records we specialize in music and great quality video production.
The Video team at MDD provides the highest quality television videos, training films, exhibition videos and many other types of high quality video all in 4k.
The Music team at MDD provides mixing and mastering, arranging, composing, and recording professional quality music for movies, commercials, and or albums.
At mddrecords we make produce not only artists music but we also produce our own original music. So if you have your own music you would like for us to work on we can do it. If you need music we can get that for you also. Just let us know.

We have been in the music business for many years so we know how the music business works. We take on the risk of income loss and company rejection so we can let you do what you do best… Make music.
We do offer promotion, record label, and distribution if need be. We offer these so you do not over-extend yourself in the recording process. The only piece that we strive to tell our clients is that this business is making music that is marketable if you do not you are only making music for yourself and if that is what you want then we can do it. If you want to sell your music we will give you the direction and the know how to get you there. But when it comes down to it, it is up to you. But we will make it sound cohesive. We can call the shots or you can. Even know we are in charge of everything our the most important thing is to make you and your product the best quality item that we can.

Our office is located in Port Coquitlam BC. Hope to see you here soon.